FTMO Extension: how to extend your FTMO challenge

If you’re interested in taking a prop firm challenge with FTMO, you probably already have some idea of the rules. You may also have heard that you can repeat your FTMO Challenge for free if you finish the 30 days in profit and with the account in good standing. But how frustrating would it be if you had to start from the very beginning because you didn’t meet the profit target, even though you were more than 50% of the way there? Fortunately an FTMO extension is possible under the right circumstances. This isn’t surprising: the company makes no secret of the fact that it likes to support patient and consistent traders.

FTMO extension explained

You are eligible for a free extension of 14 calendar days if, three days before the trading period ends:

  • You have achieved 10 or more trading days.
  • You have increased your original account balance by more than 5% if your FTMO Challenge risk level is Normal. If your Challenge risk level is “Aggressive”, this figure is 10%.
  • You have not exceeded either the daily loss limit or the overall loss limit.

Note that all of the above criteria must be met.

If they have been, you will find an “Extend” button in your Account MetriX. Clicking this will submit a request to extend your Challenge by 14 calendar days.

You must initiate the extension on either the 28th or the 29th calendar day of your challenge. If you don’t activate your FTMO Extension on either of these days, it won’t be there on the 30th day (the final day of your challenge). However, you should still have the option of a free retake if your account is in profit when the 30 days are up and you haven’t breached any of the trading rules.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a 200k FTMO account, or just a 10k one. The extension should hopefully help you over the finish line. Awesome.