FTMO 400k Account: How to trade with 400k

There are many prop firms out there that offer trading evaluations for 6-figure funded accounts. And not just $100,000 – we’re talking upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. In some cases, even more. But does the Czech prop firm FTMO offer a bigger evaluation than 200k? In this article, we’ll take a look to see if there is an FTMO 400k account.

Do FTMO do a 400k account?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this is not something that FTMO offers. The largest available evaluation size is the FTMO 200k Account with standard risk or $100,000 with Aggressive. However – and this is a pretty big ‘however’ – it is possible to get an FTMO 400k account. If you pass the 200k evaluation twice, you can apply to have the two accounts merged into one. This explains why the maximum initial capital that FTMO will assign to a trader (or several traders running the same strategy) is $400,000.

Of course, getting the accounts merged is not a must. One advantage of having them separate is that if you lose an account, you’d still have another to fall back on. And if you wanted to trade them as a single account, you could use an MT4 to MT4 trade copier. This way, the trades you made on one FTMO account would be copied to another, or indeed to another MT4 trading account with a different broker.

Scaling Plan

Another way to get an FTMO 400k account would be with the Scaling Plan. If you can trade profitably on a long-term basis, then FTMO will increase your account size by 25% of its starting balance. The Scaling Plan operates on 4-month cycles, so theoretically speaking, if you’ve successfully passed the Evaluation and have received the FTMO account, you could go from trading 200k to 400k in 16 months. Another advantage of the Scaling Plan means that the Profit Split changes from 80/20 to 90/10 in your favor, so you get to keep 90% of everything you make.

FTMO 400K Account alternatives

If you want to trade more than 200k with a prop firm, and you don’t want to have to pass FTMO’s 200k evaluation twice or wait for an account to scale up, there are definitely options out there for this. My Forex Funds has a 300k Evaluation, and The Funded Trader offers a 400k evaluation, with slightly more competitive rules than FTMO’s.