FTMO Profit Split: How it works & how to get 90% of your profit

If you’re interested in the FTMO Challenge, you’ll obviously want to know how much money you could expect to make if you’re profitable. But how does the FTMO profit split work exactly, and when can you expect to receive your funds? In this article, we’ll break it down for you.

FTMO Profit Split explained

It’s really simple. Once you pass both phases of the evaluation, the FTMO payout percentage is 80/20. This means that, once you’ve got your real account, you keep 80% of what you make, and FTMO keeps the remaining 20%. This 80/20 proportion is the same, regardless of the size or trading style of your account.

The actual profit split day is 1 month after you place your first trade on your real trading account. However, you can apply to have your payout just 14 days after your first trade. You can receive your funds via bank transfer, Skrill, or in crypto.

Remember, the first profit split day also includes the refund of your evaluation fee. So, if you’re evaluation is successful, you could get this back just 2 weeks after you start to trade for real money.

While there isn’t an official minimum profit threshold, your profit split must amount to a minimum of $20 USD for bank wire transfers and $50 USD for payouts in crypto. This is to cover any transaction fees. The good news is that withdrawals are commission-free.

How do I get the 90/10 split?

The FTMO 90% profit split is available for traders who are consistently profitable over longer periods. Here’s what you need to do in order to get this:

  • You must generate at least 10% profit within 4 months (or 20% if you have an “Aggressive” account).
  • At least 2 out of those 4 months were net positive months.
  • The balance at the end of that 4-month period is positive.
  • You have received 2 or more payouts within that 4-month period.

If you fulfill these criteria, then your account should be eligible for the 90/10 profit split, so you keep 90% of everything you make.

What’s also exciting is that your account will join the Scaling Plan, and your balance will be increased by 25% of the initial account balance. Note that the account balance doesn’t compound on the Scaling Plan. If you started with $400,000, then future increases will always be 25% of this figure ($100,000).