FTMO Leaderboard: how it works & what it shows you

Every day, the FTMO leaderboard shows the most profitable traders on its platform. The leaderboard is updated every day.

There are leaderboards for every account size: 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, and 200k. These figures are only a rough guide to exact account size, as different currency accounts are grouped together. For example, a 10k GBP account can appear alongside a 10k USD account, even though 10k GBP is actually worth just over 12,250 USD at the time of writing.

There’s also a leaderboard that combines all of the different account sizes. Traders are ranked simply by how much profit they have made, and not in terms of the percentage gain on the account. However, this information is still available.

You can also see the traders’ home country, their first name, and the first initial of their surname.

FTMO Leaderboard

Click here for the leaderboard home page. Each leaderboard ranks 10 users. If you don’t have an FTMO account, you’ll only be able to see the top 3 users. Signing up will also give you access to a 14 day free trial, so it’s really worth doing.

What could be really nice to see would be some leaderboards based on account withdrawals. Unfortunately, FTMO doesn’t do this. However, on its YouTube channel, there are several really in-depth interviews with some of its most successful traders. Many of them have withdrawn life-changing sums of money. Click here for the full playlist of interviews FTMO has done.