FTMO Proofscan has arrived: here’s how it works

You probably already know that FTMO issues a certificate whenever a key event happens in a trader’s career with the firm. Obvious examples of this are when a Profit Split happens, or when you pass one of the Evaluation phases: the Challenge or the Verification.

Well, on Saturday, the official FTMO Twitter account dropped some really cool news: proofscan has arrived for all FTMO certificates.

FTMO Proofscan

Here’s the tweet:

We’ve tested it out a little bit, and unfortunately, at the time of writing, it seems to have a couple of teething problems. For example, we found one trader whose Verification we were able to confirm was genuine, but whose Challenge came up with a message that the certificate was invalid. Obviously, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, because you can’t even attempt Verification without having first passed the Challenge.

A screenshot from a trader called James Bruce in a customer support chat with one of FTMO’s agents appears to confirm that that proofscan does have a couple of technical issues at this stage.

However, once FTMO fixes it, there’s no denying that it’s a total gamechanger. You no longer need to rely on screenshots from a trader, which can be faked. Thanks to proofscan, you can confirm their authenticity directly with FTMO.

The verification page also brings up a copy of the certificate itself. This means you can confirm that the code you’ve scanned does actually belong to the cert in question.

Best of all, proofscan applies to certificates retrospectively. Finally, it’s never been easier to put a self-claimed FTMO guru on the spot, and check if their claims are as big as their account balance.