FTMO Semi-annual Report 2022 released

The proprietary trading firm FTMO has released its semi-annual report today. The report covers the first 6 months of trading for 2022, and it’s pretty incredible. Since the start of the year, more than $32 million USD has been paid out to traders on its platform. The largest single payout is over $400,000.

This is purely our speculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of Paul’s withdrawals. Paul is an FTMO trader who has made over half a million dollars – and that’s just on one account. You can check out FTMO’s 2 hour interview with him here.

Giving traders the potential to make this kind of money is even more impressive when you remember that you get the fee back if you pass the FTMO Challenge. Be sure to check out our FTMO Review on how this prop firm works.