Twitter traders: 5 Forex Traders we think are worth a follow

There can be no doubt that Twitter’s best feature is that it’s a collective pool of other people’s thoughts, humor, and creativity. This is especially true when it comes to forex trading. Here are 10 Twitter traders who we think are definitely worth your click of the follow button, in no particular order.

5 Twitter traders you might want to follow

1. Justin Cunningham

First on the list is Justin Cunningham, a 100k FTMO trader from New York City. We’ve already given Justin our thumbs up in a previous post for his fantastic demonstration of the importance of risk-to-reward ratio, so his account was an obvious starting point. Justin shows us a series of four losses on the Dow Jones, bringing his account down by $4,000. However, his next trade is a success, and as he’s working on a 1:5 risk-to-reward ratio, it not only overcomes all his losses but also leaves him with a tidy profit. Very well played.

You can follow Justin on Twitter via @Justheculture, and you can catch up with our post on his win here. Since we published it, Justin has also posted a video that breaks down his entire analysis of the charts for this setup.

2. Paladin Bhutia

Paladin Bhutia is another funded trader from NYC. He has 4 years of experience and $1.4 million in funding across several prop firms, including FTMO, The Funded Trader, and My Forex Funds. You can follow him on Twitter via @thelifeofbhutia. Paladin first caught our attention with a simple, no-fluff FTMO strategy. You can check it out in our post on passing the FTMO challenge.

Another thing we like about him is that he never wastes an opportunity to remind people that forex trading is a marathon, not a sprint. It was a four-year grind for him to get to where he is now, and we really like how he encourages you to compound your success by passing a mid-size prop firm challenge and using the profits from it to fund bigger, six-figure challenges.

Plus, Paladin is open about his failures as well as his victories. He also reminds us that passing a prop firm evaluation is just the beginning. The real test is actually keeping the live account:

3. MoneyTradeEdge

MoneyTradeEdge is a Twitter account that focuses mainly on the psychological challenges of trading, although it does occasionally discuss technical concepts. “Its slogan is Better Thinking Better Trading”, and at the time of writing it has over 92,000 followers.

There’s very little that’s sentimental about this account. It’s not really one person’s journey and their highs and lows of trading. Instead, the tweets are mainly affirmations regarding the importance of perseverance and self-discipline, and we really like the tenacity with which they support these qualities. After all, nobody can argue against their importance, and there’s also something really motivating about their tweets. You can have them pop up in your feed too by following them over at @MoneyTradeEdge.

4. OmarAgag

Omar Agag is an American prop firm trader who has been trading for 4 years and has worked his way up to $700,000 of funding. An amazing achievement, especially when you consider that he previously dropped out of college and ended up working 5-6 days a week in hookah lounges until 3 am for $1,600 a month. You can follow him via @OmarAgag6.

Like Paladin Bhutia, we like his honesty about his grind and the emotional toll of trial and improvement. And we also really respect how, at the start of his journey, Omar had the presence of mind to recognize that his status as a newbie could prove very costly:

5. Adam Edward – The Divergent Trader

Entry number 5 on our list of Twitter traders is Adam Edward, who is also known as The Divergent Trader. Somewhat similar to MoneyTradingEdge, Adam frequently posts nuggets of wisdom regarding mindset and good risk management. He characterizes himself as a rules-based trader and is often discussing the importance of managing your mindset so that emotions don’t take away your system’s edge. You can follow him via @TraderDivergent.

We’ll finish this post on Twitter traders with one of Adam’s tweets. It serves as a great reminder of what the market will do if your emotions get the better of you.